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Whangamata Real Estate

Whangamata Real Estate Whangamata Real Estate Limited has been in business for over 42 years. It is the longest established real estate company in Whangamata.

The business is locally owned and managed.

The company began life as Harold Iremonger & Sons. Dickie Burman and Ian Grindle took over the company ownership in 1987.

Ten years later Russell and Sue Hunt purchased the company. They added offices, grew the sales team and invested in technology.

As a result the already successful business thrived.

1998 saw the opening of the Whiritoa office. Waihi Beach followed 3 years later in 2001. 2004 saw the company open it’s Whangamata Property Management Centre. The Waihi Beach office was sold in 2008. The company now specialises in Whangamata and Whiritoa properties.

In March 2011 the business was sold to Murray and Barbara Cleland.

Ongoing growth and improved market share means that Whangamata Real Estate continues to be a major player in the Whangamata real estate marketplace.

How Whangamata Real Estate does business

The yardsticks for company performance are client satisfaction and repeat business.

The company is bound by the Real Estate Agents Act 2009.

The Act provides a framework for how real estate companies should attempt to resolve any disputes. The legislative framework is available here:

The company website details a 6-step process designed to provide a simple and personalised way of resolving complaints about their service.

Simply put – the company makes client satisfaction it’s highest priority.

Whangamata Real Estate market realities

The last 5 years have seen some changes in the Whangamata real estate market. Perhaps the biggest change is that valuations for residential properties in Whangamata have dropped over 9% since 2007.

Vendors who align their expectations with current sale prices are selling their properties. Those vendors who want to secure 2007 are not selling.

Buyers are typically cautious and keen to establish a market value. Requests for registered valuations are common.

Whangamata Real Estate are keen to help prospective vendors who may need a re-valuation of their property. In most cases recommended prices are in line with the last rateable value.

Appraisals are usually free for prospective vendors and there is no obligation to list. The team at Whangamata Real Estate welcome the opportunity to appraise any property and discuss the various marketing options. September through to late November are the selling months.

The properties for sale via Whangamata Real Estate are available on their website at

Contact details for Whangamata Real Estate Ltd are as follows:

Postal: P O Box 105, Whangamata

Phone: 0-7-865 9192

Mobile: 0-21-131 3687

Street: 411 Ocean Road , Whangamata , 3620